Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Social pride

Social Pride

Not inherently a positive influence. I was sitting at our residence games and I realised just how much hate and contempt revolves around our need to belong to a group. This is to the point of zealous pride in causes that do not necessarily have any reason for it. Hostility surrounds segregation, and thus this monstrosity was born:
An egg and spoon race gone wrong, what starts as fun of a rather mundane and repetitive task grows into an increasingly irritating tension. This tension spawns heavy competition and escalates. Happiness is replaced with fear and joy with frustration. What is a symbol of good soon corrodes, and by the end what was it all for?

While an obvious piece that is what it seems, it still carries a message of how even the smallest of arguments can bring out the worst in our social groups and ultimately who we are as a society. This is not always the case of course. I shall explore a bit more later on.

Pictures and competition footages were taken by me personally. But clips from 0:19 come from Dnews,science podcast on sinkholes and 0:21 is by Cyriak Harris, surrealist animator who makes his living working for the BBC. His works heavily inspired this piece, as a renound artist who has made a name and living for himself producing Surrealist animations and gifs for the web and now working for large television broadcasters doing his art:

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