Tuesday, 10 March 2015


After a heavy session of exploration I decided to do a bit of a personal piece. Living on student residence and living through a 'college' system many of us identify through our assigned college. In some sense I am an 'Endeavour Viking' and proudly.
The explanation behind this work is the black zone is essentially the void, we walk through that door and fly our colours with pride. A representation of how 1 symbol can be identified with a great number of people. Everyone will follow and take the spotlight to not only say 'this is me' but to say 'this is us'. Community in it's rawest form, to gather under a single banner and stand together.

Obviously the strokes of colour are not random. Red is often recognised as a 'red carpet' or associated with royalty. To say we are important and certainly worth recognition/respect. The yellow (if you hadn't guessed) is our spotlight. From the blackness of nothing, we emerge and make our presence known. The dragon artwork is actually an illustrator file I made for the college recently. I have a strong connection of not only ownership, but community pride.

Incidentally on inspection i was informed my work closely resembled a style used by the late Gorden Bennett. An indigenous Artist who's work I am very fond of. Especially how he captured the theme of 'home decor' in such a simplistic style. While some principles are different, like my use of minor perspective, our styles are similar and definitely this is someone I can grow to admire and reference in the long term.

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