Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Proposal

Week 4: Proposal

By now my work has very much taken form of exploring human identity, who we are as a society and a species. Not necessarily the conflict between the 2 but who we are versus who we perceive ourselves to be. So far in my blog I have chosen to look at how we identify through symbology and how we perceive others based off their surroundings and hey they choose to present themselves. But other sub-topics I might choose to explore is an idea explored by John Brack (later mentioned) is standing out, being an individual persay. After all while we are expected to work together in a society but encouraged to develop our own individual sense of identity.

I would like to specifically explore the idea of conformity and working together as a society versus individuality and breaking from social expectation. My exploration isn't really to find an answer or to make a point or even prove something. It just is to look at where we stand on being a society and how it reflects on our individuality. What happens when we choose to break from society? Is it inherently productive/good to stand apart? Essentially I want to make people ask these questions themselves through my artwork.

Specifically I have been looking at John Brack, as a long time admirer of his work I now find myself reflecting on his work once more for inspiration. He explored, perhaps intentionally as is my belief or inadvertently, the themes surrounding us as a race and how we perceive ourselves and each other in society.
'Self-Portrait' John Brack 1955
But most of all Brack not only captured this fundamental nature of society but how it changed over this critical period of time. Where we went from these similar tertiary colours in monochromatic schemes to brighter and more confronting palettes. The perfect portrayal of the many versus the one:
'Nude with a Dressing Gown' John Brack 1967        '5pm Collins Street' John Brack 1955

I plan to do one more Illustrator piece in the near future following Bracks '5pm Collins street' as well as a few other pieces surrounding photoshop and past work I have explored. Specifically I have been looking at my local community at the student village. We have a great variety of students with varying talents and many of them choose to identify through specific things. This comes back to some past work I have done regarding 'dreaming' which can relate to identification through material possession. Which is also something that society tells us is important.

- 'The Ian Potter Centre' NVG Victoria, John Brack, viewed 25th March 2015, http://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/johnbrack/
- A Robots Design, Kees van Vugt, Viewed 25th march 2015, https://www.facebook.com/ARobotsDesign

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