Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Journey Begins...

Who Are We?

A question about society, about each other and about ourselves. In this blog I want to explore through artistic expression what it means to be human. Just who are we? As a species and as individuals.

Week 2 had me finding out what sort of theme I was going to explore. In my process of looking at things I could explore, I began began looking up themes that interested me. Like time, space and the future. All of which seemed to stray very far from what themes were presented before me.
While looking up the concept of 'Time' I ran across this image...

Sourced from http://physicscentral.com/explore/plus/timeless.cfm
Which got me thinking about who we are. Looking at the guy watching the time, who is he? He's well dressed, probably a business man on the daily commute. But like all men on the daily commute (I count myself as one of them) we are surrounded by others, but often it feels like we are isolated and alone. A dull time in which there is really nothing to do but count the minutes till the next train.

But what conditions us to feel like this? I would like to explore these ideas, who we are and identity. In test #1 I was instructed to use the live trace feature of Adobe Illustrator to create a black and white image.

Well originally the image was nothing but a black splurge across the page. But this was an inspiration in itself, by whiting out the outline of the clock and platform I was about to create definition out of the darkened area. Essentially outlining the only 3 things that would matter to the man in this circumstance. Himself, that clock and the limited ground in which he walks.

Later I hope to explore more about who we are, 
but for now I am simply playing around with what I have. 

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